India’s infrastructure growth in recent years has been extraordinary despite the setbacks caused in the pandemic period. That being said, this rapid urbanization has made the cities confined and the people from big cities and town are now looking for the literal “breathing space”. No wonder such need for a dwelling in seclusion has risen […]

If we are to describe a farmhouse in the simplest of terms, it would be defined as a property in an agricultural setting, amidst greenery which can also be used for residential purposes. Typically, the farm house plots are available in an agricultural ambient with plenty of lush greeneries, farm land that can be used […]

  At a time when we are living in the midst of chaos, poor lifestyle, depleting physical and mental health, all we are looking for is some solace and peace of mind. Hence the rise in demand for farm house plots near Delhi NCR. Add to that, the people are craving the serenity in their […]