The farm house projects in India are no less than a hidden gem that stays in the midst of sprawling fields and lush greenery. The bliss of living in the farm house is indescribable as you get detached from the horrendous city life and enter into a sanctuary where tranquility meets nature’s bounty. It is […]

India is a country of rich and diverse cultures of flora, fauna, and heritage. The same is also reflected in its ancient architecture. So it won’t be a stretch to imagine that the age-old architecture can be easily incorporated into the farmhouse designs for farm house projects in India. So let’s look at these designs […]

We live at a time in the surroundings which have very little natural beauty and scenery to offer. All we are pushed into our concrete jungles dominating the calm of our minds with chaos. Such drudgery has left us roaming about places to find a dwelling that is still unwavering to the modern advancements. If […]

In recent years, farm house project in Delhi NCR has been at the helm of all affairs in India’s real estate market. There is something really captivating about farmhouses that are usually considered idyllic retreats, nestled amidst nature’s bounty. The biggest takeaway is the fact that they provide an escape from city life filled with […]

The world has moved forward to numerous advancements to give us the luxuries of life, but it has come at the expense of a lot of chaos that has ensued over the years. As a result, the Farm house project in Delhi NCR has emerged as a tranquil oasis of escape. What appeals the most […]